A TORQUE Strategies' Toast to Moms

Thank you to all the moms who help guide us on this journey called life.

Not only do moms shape us into the (wonderful) humans we are today, they are also a key consumer demographic for marketers, making up over 30% of Canada`s population (that’s 9.8 Million mommas), and holding a huge amount of household purchasing power!

So in celebration of Mother’s Day we decided to highlight our favourite brand campaigns talking to moms.


Auburn_Sigurdson_web101 Auburn Sigurdson, Director, Brand & Strategy


For the record, I love Mother’s Day, possibly because my own mom won’t let us fuss over her many days of the year – and this is one wonderful opportunity to get her to zip it and enjoy.

Pandora launched their campaign “The unique connection” in 2015, and 18 million views later still hits home for me.  I think it’s the seemingly real emotions each mother and child showcase as the little ones make their way down the line in search of their loved one. You can see the nerves (will he/she recognize me?), the joy when the experiment works, and the incredible bond a mom has with her child. Unlike many Mother’s Day campaigns that miss the authenticity mark, the call to action is spot on – asking us to celebrate mom with something unique that she will cherish forever.



Peter Gardner web101 Peter Gardner, Director, Insights & Strategy


Scrolling through my Twitter feed a few times this weekend (as I always do) I couldn’t help but take note of P&G’s “Thank You Mom” campaign.

It’s been six years in the making and is as powerful as the first edition in 2010. Here’s to P&G for being a leader and their sustained success.



Colette e1461782566185 Colette Goh, Coordinator, Client Strategy


This Mother’s Day tribute made by MRY, an advertising agency, was enjoyable because it nailed the perfect balance of funny and sweet. MRY filmed their staff video chatting with their moms and asked their moms to explain what their kids do in advertising. None of the moms can explain their kids’ jobs (“she does things on the internet”), and a few struggle to remember the name of the agency that their kids work for. But their love and pride for their kids shines through (especially when one of the moms whips out her daughter’s childhood pottery pieces). This ad got to me because even though my mom might have moments where she’s not “with it”, she’s seen me at my worst and still loves (tolerates..?) me unconditionally!



Monica Whiteley web101 2 Monica Whiteley, Coordinator, Client Strategy

Campbell’s Chunky

For many, sports are a large part of growing up and shape us into the people we are today.  And mom was there every step of the way, from those Tuesday night practices in a torrential downpour to selflessly spending her weekend on the road with a caravan full of 10 year old rascals.

So I needed to highlight Campbell’s “This One’s For Mom” campaign that aired during Super Bowl 50 reminding us that mom was there from the beginning and she’s still cheering us on every step of the way.



Jemima101x84 Jemima Twist, Coordinator, Client Strategy


This Mother’s day campaign from Samsung made me chuckle. I think we have all been on the receiving end of some questionable texting from our mothers (& fathers) at some point in our lives. It’s almost as if they read the book of texting etiquette and do the exact opposite! Samsung have tapped into this insight and found something that many can relate too. I love the tone of ad, not only did it make me laugh but it stirred an emotion of reminding me how much I love my mom because her texting is always so ridiculous.  In my opinion Samsung have done a great job at integrating themselves into that moment so that even the less than subtle ‘call your mom’ call to action sales push is acceptable.