TORQUE Intern Q&A With Rock Star Jemima Twist

We are so excited to announce that our spring TORQUE Vancouver intern Jemima will be staying on with us as a Client Strategy Coordinator! Before she takes TORQUE to the next level, we couldn’t let her bypass our traditional TORQUE Intern Q&A…


Jemima101x84 NAME: Jemima Twist


ABOUT JEMIMA: One of Jemima’s true passions in life is sport, both participating and watching. So when it came to a career she wanted to combine sport with an industry that also let her think creatively and strategically. Sponsorship was a logical choice. Jemima dipped her toe into the industry, working for Dentsu Aegis’s sponsorship team in London – supporting brands building activation platforms for their Olympic partnerships. After a few years of travelling and exploring, she settled on Vancouver to take advantage of the natural wonders, sport culture and creative economy we are lucky enough to enjoy in BC. Coming from the UK Jemima knew little (nothing!) previously about the Canadian sponsorship industry, but thanks to personal recommendation of the company from a friend she found her way to TORQUE Strategies.

What interested you most about TORQUE when you were looking for an internship?

Their reputation and values. When checking out the values and culture of the company, I instantly felt aligned with both and believed in what they stood for.

What is a day in the life of a TORQUE intern like?

Exciting! Unless there are any pressing client deliverables, first job of the day involves a review of sponsorship news picking out interesting stories to be shared with our team and networks to keep them up to speed on industry developments. The rest of my day revolves around client projects, which may be research based, helping to formulate a sponsorship strategy, ideation, to think creatively about the problem we want to solve, honing my writing skills by penning opinion pieces, or helping to build presentation decks. No two days are the same.

What is your favorite part about being a TORQUE intern?

Working in a small team – it’s an opportunity to be at the heart of an organisation going places with real direction and drive. It’s an inspiring place to be.  I have taken away so much from all the impressive colleagues, friends and clients of TORQUE (and sister agency TTG) I have had the pleasure to meet in the Vancouver office (or via telephone in Toronto). Everyone has a story to tell and it’s amazing what you can learn from those around you.

What was one thing about the sponsorship industry that surprised you the most?

Sponsorship on the surface is a very simple premise but when you drill down into it, there are so many factors and tactics at play that can make or break a strategy. Learning to piece together all the parts of the puzzle is where it gets interesting.

How has your internship shaped your vision for your future career path?

I think every step you take on your career path however big, small or seemingly random has a part to play in shaping you and your skillset. This internship helped me refine what I do well and areas I want to progress. It not only furthered my ambition to improve and keep pushing forward in this industry, but it was also a reassurance that I have found a career I am passionate about and a lifestyle I enjoy.


First TQ “buzzword” that comes to mind: Storybuilding

Favourite TQ tradition: Tacofino Fridays is a firm favourite, the appearance of any of TTC’s favourite furry employees in the office- Timu, Stella or Bertram- is also a good day.

Which company would you love to work with as a client next?
I really enjoy being involved closely with National Sport Organizations (NSOs), as I love amateur sport and love to see not only elite athletes getting the funding to reach their potential but also the general public being encouraged to participate through grassroots initiatives.  Sponsorship plays a huge part in enabling this so it would be great to work with more NSOs to help them secure better partnerships.  Equally I love working with brands that recognize the value a sponsorship can bring.

Dream guest for Friday Chill n Chat?
I love hearing from inspiring people full-stop, regardless of industry, whether it’s in business, new ways of thinking, athletic performance or adventurers, I’d love to hear the stories of those who are brave enough to go against the grain and do something bold. With that in mind, Terry Fox would have been great to meet.

In your opinion, what organization is currently doing sponsorship the best?
I’m going to give a shout out to an organization that has invested heavily in women’s sport, this is a hugely untapped area of sponsorship and something we are passionate about at TORQUE.  British Energy provider SSE signed a 4 year multi-million dollar deal to become title sponsor of the FA Cup, one of the country’s biggest soccer tournaments. It’s great to see investment in women’s sport increasing and brands like SSE are taking a chance and making a real statement, which I have no doubt will pay off hugely.

Proudest moment at TQ?
Being a small cog in a brilliantly successful project delivering the first HSBC Canada Sevens Vancouver, one of ten tour stops on the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series – a fantastic experience with everybody giving 100% and it truly paid off, it was an amazing event.

What you will miss most at TQ?
The views! Unreal. Also being able to say I work for such an inspiring group of go-getters!

(*Editor’s Note: Jemima won’t be missing much, as we’ve kept her on as a contractor for the rest of the summer to support the onboarding of one of TORQUE’s newest clients. It’s a huge project that we’re excited to share the news with you very soon!)