The Story Behind TORQUE Strategies

Bart_Given_Web101 Bart_Given_Web101 Bart Given, Managing Director & Chief Innovator

n. A system of forces that tends to cause revolution. I’ve always enjoyed starting presentations with a quote or an image, probably because it always seems like a great place to start a story. And truthfully, the realization of the value of an authentically shared story – has revolutionized the sponsorship industry.

We still believe in the tangible returns of sponsorship, but now intelligent marketers are using those tangible assets to more broadly share the story they’ve aligned with their brand. It’s the story – and our ability to share it authentically, that truly delivers consumer Passion, Loyalty and Ritual to brand.

So what is the story behind TORQUE Strategies? We are the story within the story. The co-authors and illustrators of your brand narrative that will engage the reader from the opening paragraph, in the book we hope the consumer never puts down.

We are storybuilders and we work with brands to leverage sponsorship to positively influence consumer behaviour.

Storybuilding is the future and we revel in the process; digging deep into analysis, research, and the consumer continuum to build integrated stories that amplify your brand through engagement. Our goal is to not only provide the narrative, but to write the audience into the storyline through strategic sponsorship.

At TORQUE Strategies we know that sponsorship is one of the  most sophisticated and effective tools a marketer has to build their brand, and our team has been excelling in this arena for years. We’ve honed our craft individually and collectively with pre-eminent brands like BMO, Canadian Olympic Committee, International Olympic Committee, Whistler Blackcomb, Toronto Blue Jays, Shaw Media and more.

Our sweet spot is developing and executing partnership programs for the corporate sector and brands in need of our valued strategic consultation. TORQUE Strategies delivers customized partnership solutions by leveraging our capital intelligence, proprietary tools and unique consumer insights.

Of course there is a story behind the name TORQUE Strategies, and in many ways our audience has helped author it.

On the surface, torque connotes power – which is an apt descriptor for an agency in the sponsorship sector. But torque isn’t simply raw power. To properly utilize torque, one needs to understand all the variables. Apply the right amount of force, to the appropriate lever – and the result will be revolution around an axis.

This is exactly what we’ve learned from our time in sponsorship. There isn’t a standard solution for all, experienced mechanics know how to measure and apply the precise amount of force for optimal performance – a unique formula for each engine.

That is our promise to our current and future clients: the delivery of an integrated system of precisely applied torque to leverage your brand through the power of sponsorship.

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