All That And a Set of Mickey Ears Too

Joanna_Marcovici_web101 Joanna Marcovici, Director of Corporate Strategy & Client Service

There is a reason they call Disney World “The Happiest Place on Earth”. A place “where dreams come true”, and magic happens everywhere, not just inside the Magic Kingdom. It’s by design. That’s because when you’re part of the Disney environment, it really feels like everything around you was tailor-made just for YOU! Disney knows their clientele, and puts them first. They have created a trusted partnership with their audience*, and a trusted environment for the partnership to flourish.

My family recently enjoyed seven days aboard the aptly named Disney “Fantasy” Cruise. Ask my kids, and they’ll tell you that it really was a Fantasy (if they knew that word). And they weren’t alone in that regard. The ship had 4,000 guests aboard, from all walks of life. The biker gang looking guy who, upon further review, was covered head to toe with Disney tattoos. The well-dressed group of 20 from Paris, France there for a family reunion. And the family from Jersey Shore, who seemed to occupy a permanent spot on the upper tanning deck. How one company can appeal to so many different audiences is amazing, yet it’s not rocket science. Determine what users need, whether they know it or not, and fill that void. It’s experiential marketing 101.

Award’s Show Night on the main deck with a tuxedo-ed host for celeb-adoring women? Check. Irish Pub for tired parents to unwind in the evening? Check. Big band music playing at sunset for the grandparents? Check. 24/7 access to a soft-serve ice cream bar for the kids? Check.

The key to Disney’s success is that they know their audience, no matter how vast, and they deliver precisely based on their needs. While in Disney’s case, they have the resources and assets to reach a wide range of audiences, the story is the same for any property – do your due diligence and get to know your audience better than they know themselves. Provide them with products and opportunities that only their dreams are made of, to engage them in a meaningful way – building a true partnership.

*Disney doesn’t always have the magic pixie dust. Look no further than the Lone Ranger movie for proof.