The rational.


A scientific approach to human nature.

To say everything we do is rooted in science is an understatement. We live for raw data and hard facts, but the real art lies in the interpretation of those findings into authentic, and often intangible, human behaviors and insights. Using a combination of custom and syndicated research methods, our team of in-house experts will work with you to design the right methodology for your objectives and budget. No matter how massive – or elusive – your target may seem, we can help you connect with them in a way that’s both effective and genuine.

Services include:
  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • Survey Design & Implementation
  • Focus Group Design, Moderation & Management


Quantifying the intangible.

In a world where every single aspect of consumer behavior can be tracked, quantified, analyzed and optimized for marketing, sponsorships must also be able to demonstrate measurable results. Whether you’re looking for qualitative brand metrics, quantified returns on your investment or market valuation of rights and benefits, we can help measure and evaluate the potential impact of a future partnership.

Services include:
  • Sponsorship Scorecard: A quantitative evaluation of a sponsorship opportunity or portfolio to determine its Return on Investment and Return on Objectives for brands.
  • Sponsorship Asset Valuation: Determine the market value of the rights and benefits offered in a sponsorship program on behalf of rights holders.

The emotional.


Co-authoring your narrative

The rise of on-demand services combined with consumers who are more media savvy than ever, means brands can no longer rely on passive marketing. Consumers don’t want to merely be part of an audience. They want to be part of a story, a moment, a movement. Our proprietary methodology, Storybuilding™, puts them at the very centre of your brand where you can co-author the narrative together. We’ll help you design experiences that are both physical and emotional and show you how to turn customers into passionate brand advocates.

Services include:
  • Brand Strategy & Narrative
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines & Tone of Voice
  • Sponsorship Strategy
  • Community Investment Strategy


Leading the way to victory.

Putting together a successful bid for a major games or festival is perhaps as big an undertaking as the event itself. Building a proposal that inspires the nation and wins the confidence of the selection committee requires vision, discipline and an in-depth knowledge of the process. The secret? Connecting with stakeholders, committee members and the community in an authentic way and staying focused on the big picture. Our experienced team has led numerous successful bids for events ranging in size and complexity from the Olympics to major global tours and international festivals. No matter how big your dream seems, we can help you bring it home.

Services include:
  • Vision & Legacy Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategy & Management
  • Marketing & Revenue Optimization Strategy
  • Operational Budgets, Contract & Funding Guarantee Negotiations
  • Bid Book Development & Design
  • Selection Process Strategy
  • Post Selection: Marketing Strategy & Execution

The physical.


From strategy to cultural moment.

From the moment we begin thinking about an idea to the moment someone encounters it out in the world, it’s all about the experience – their experience. We bring people and brands together to create genuine, shared moments that influence our culture. Over the years, we’ve used our expertise and resources to create unforgettable events, stories and memories for some of the top brands and properties in Canada, helping them connect with fans across the nation. From concept to execution, we’ll work with you to craft an engaging brand experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Services include:
  • Omni-channel Campaign Planning & Execution
  • Sponsorship & Event Activation
  • Marketing Concept Design
  • Planning, Operations & Logistics
  • Staffing & On-site Management



Crafting a memorable experience.

Our “Type A” personalities naturally come out during the planning and logistics phase of an event. But, it’s not just about how an event comes together – it’s about how your audience feels while they’re there. Where we truly shine is in building distinct emotional narratives and share-worthy moments for each and every experience. Whether you’re planning an intimate fan experience or a city-wide celebration, we can help you create an authentic connection with every single attendee.

Services include:
  • Mass Participation Events
  • Sports, Arts & Cultural Events
  • Revenue Generation Modelling
  • Planning, Operations & Logistics
  • Staffing & On-site Management