Q&A With Our Star Studded Intern Jeremy Yeung

Can’t tell you enough how lucky we were to have this fellow over the summer as our trusty TORQUE intern. Jeremy brought his unique value add to every meeting, every research brief, and to every client project he touched. If you haven’t already figured it out we will miss him greatly, but before he leaves he wanted to share some insight into his time with the TORQUE team.


Jeremy101X84 NAME: Jeremy Yeung
ABOUT JEREMY: I’m a fourth year Commerce student from Queen’s University specializing in Marketing. I have a wide cast of interests which include marketing, graphic design, sports, travel. This last year on exchange I was able to explore Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, and Taiwan and I look forward to visiting more countries soon. As a big soccer fan, visiting Spain and seeing Barcelona play live is certainly high up on my to-do list!

What interested you most about TORQUE when you were looking for an internship?
Recently I made the decision to specialize in Marketing and I wanted to use my summer to fine-tune which avenue of the industry to focus on upon graduation. Working in such an open and collaborative environment gave me the perfect opportunity to learn about all the distinct facets of agency operations, as well as the working relationship between brands, properties, and media. However, perhaps the biggest deciding factor is the trust and value they place on their interns. Not only are you doing work that contributes to the final product, but the team truly takes the time to invest in your professional growth.

What is the day in the life of a TORQUE intern like?
Some of my weekly responsibilities include undertaking an internal publication that highlights the latest in sponsorship, and managing social media content for KidSport. However depending on client priorities, my day-to-day responsibilities also shift between sponsorship intelligence research and marketing & communications. There may be days where I’m focused on a client deadline and others where I’m gathering research to support an upcoming insights post. As an intern you are expected to juggle a broad range of responsibilities but you are certainly well supported and the team ensures that you have all the necessary tools to succeed.

What is your favorite part about being a TORQUE intern?
I loved the opportunity to work with the team. It’s amazing to be in such a dynamic and fast-paced environment, where the Toronto and Vancouver offices are in constant communication. Each member brings a fresh and unique value add to the table, and to be working alongside such a fantastic group of professionals has only helped with my own development.

What was one thing about the sponsorship industry that surprised you the most?
Coming out of this internship I have a newfound appreciation of the work required to make a successful sponsorship activation. There are so many moving parts to the process, and the collaboration and work back required to create a successful activation can span back years. This year’s Squamish Valley Music Festival has great examples of activations done right.

How has your internship shaped your vision for your future career path?
With such a wide range of responsibilities, my summer with TORQUE has definitely helped me pinpoint where my interests lie. Over the past four months, I’ve learned to appreciate the research process, and finding the facts of the fable to build a compelling argument. However, I’ve also realized the difference between a career and a job – it’s important to enjoy what you do and who you work with!


First TQ “buzzword” that comes to mind: Authenticity, Authenticity, Authenticity!

Favourite TQ tradition: The deal monkey – Look for our plushy friend to fly across the office as a testament to each new client on boarding!


Which company would you love to work with? Tesla Motors, Canadian Tire

Dream guest for Friday Chill n Chat? Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, Space X and SolarCity

What Organization does sponsorship the best: Canadian Tire

Proudest moment at TQ: The Zenbanx project was exciting to work on, and it was definitely a highlight moment seeing my insights and research in the final presentation.

What you will miss most at TQ: Snacks! Endless amounts of cookies, jelly beans as well as the occasional salad…