Canada Media Fund

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, promotes, develops and finances the production of Canadian content and audiovisual applications. CMF reached out to TORQUE and tasked us to better understand and evaluate their efforts in marketing and promotions and make recommendations on how to improve in this core piece of their mandate.

Following a phase of landscape analysis and stakeholder engagement, we presented our strategy for rebuilding brand equity in Canadian content – which has since become  MADE’, a national, consumer-focused, industry-wide movement to recognize and celebrate the creative talent Canadians bring to world audiences.

Research demonstrates that after initial launch, MADE  had a positive impact on public favourability, perception and consideration of Canada’s creative content (IMI, 2019):

  • 48% of Canadians aware of MADE had an increased perception of Canadian content as a result of the campaign;
  • 52% felt more favourable towards the term Canadian content;
  • 49% responded they are more likely to watch a television show if they know a Canadian is involved—up almost 20% over those unaware of the campaign.

Through creative development, brand launch, partnerships and activations, and campaign planning, we are proud to continue our work with CMF to bring MADE to life and help Canadian content get the credit it deserves.