Monica's Top Ten Moves To Melt Extra Turkey Pounds & Keep you Christmas Card Photo Ready

Monica_Whiteley_web101-2 Monica Whiteley, Coordinator

I like to move it move it over the holidays with this strict workout plan, combining the fun of twerking and equally enticing prancercising. Start the new year off right without those extra pesky turkey pounds.

Let’s start with Mountain Climbers to get Santa chimney “shimmy-ing” ready

Burpee busters so you can say ‘bring it on’ to the Figgy pudding seconds

Tricep Dips to keep your turkey wings from flapping

Keep your Bi’s, Tri’s & Shoulders singing with some Pushups

Try a V-sit while watching the kiddies’ favourite Christmas movie

Overpower Gingerbread men like this guy with Reverse Crunches

Engage in Single Leg Squats to keep those hot cross buns twerk ready

Wall Sit while waiting for the turkey to drop

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