Love Letters to Our Favourite Brands

When people think about love, they may think about Romeo & Juliet or Jack & Rose. But how about Michael Jordan & Nike? While those star-crossed lovers might have gone down in literary and Hollywood history, did they spark billions of dollars in shoe sales and a fervent legion of fans from around the world?

It has been more than 30 years since the first Michael Jordan and Nike shoe commercial aired, yet the Jordan brand has grown by double digits almost every year since inception (Ferdman, 2014). In 2016, the Jordan brand’s revenue grew 18% to $2.4 billion (Forbes, 2014). Forbes also noted that one out of every two basketball shoes sold in the States is Jordan brand. Jordan shoes regularly sell out, and buying certain models result in a higher ROI than purchasing Apple stock (Complex, 2015). And though it’s been fourteen years since he retired, the Jordan brand outsells LeBron James’ shoes 10 to 1 in the US (Forbes, 2016).

This is the power of brand love. A love that lives on past an athlete’s retirement, spans generations, and reaches all corners of the globe. The obsession with Nike’s Jordan brand is what all brands should aspire to create with their customers. Because avid fans would do anything for their favourite brands.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we’ve asked a few of our team members to write love letters to some of their favourite brands that have changed their lives for the better.


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Colette Goh, Coordinator, Client Strategy



Dear McDonald’s,

Thank you for always being there for me. From hosting my second birthday party to this very day, you have always been a faithful friend. And our relationship, though tinged with nostalgia, has grown up with me. There’s never been a problem that your perfectly crisp fries couldn’t make a little better. Your Chicken McNuggets and Oreo McFlurries still taste like a childhood reward for good behaviour. You have never judged my questionable late night university antics. Instead you gently nudged me towards a Junior Chicken meal and an apple pie. And while travelling Europe, your golden arches became a beacon of hope for a Canadian who needed a reliable source for free wifi and clean(ish) bathrooms.

You have taught me that the foundation of a good relationship is communication, which you demonstrated in the “Our Food. Your Questions” video campaign which won you a 2012 Marketer of the Year Award. You have seen me shake my fist as I came in at 11:02 am, narrowly missing the chance to order breakfast. And you responded with an announcement that Canadian restaurants will have an all-day breakfast menu starting February 22.

2.5 million Canadians visit you every single day (McDonalds, 2016). You must be doing something right. So, today, on the day of love, let’s raise our Sausage Egg McMuffin to the one brand that has never failed in putting a smile on!




Monica Whiteley web101


Monica Whiteley, Coordinator, Client Strategy



Dear Cineplex,

People have visited the movies since the beginning of time, and yet you’ve figured out how to continually build on what is already an amazing experience.

I love going to the movies and I love you for enhancing each movie experience.

Even if we arrive fifteen minutes early to get our seats like “we’re supposed to” you still entertain us with social interactive gaming experiences like “guess the celebrity”, and “Timeplay” that we can play live against our friends and other movie goers.

And for the love of popcorn, candy and beverages! Your life-changing invention of the Scene card, Scene points and Scotiabank Scene Visa means I will never go popcorn or candy-less because of the dent in my pocket. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Those Scene points have saved me from some pretty sticky situations with my friends trying to decide who will bite the bullet and put down the cash for some buttery goodness.

And although your ad shorts “Lily and the Snowman” and “A Balloon for Ben” precede the movie we originally intended to see, Lily and her snowman, have at times brought me to tears by warming my frost bitten heart. It’s no wonder you made Canada’s 2017 Best Brands list!

You give us one of the best joys in life, the ability to escape reality for an hour or two, and leave all of our troubles for a moment, entering a new world of discovery. Thank you for giving us back our imagination.



Ten Tree


Jemima Twist
, Coordinator, Client Strategy



Dear Ten Tree,

Today being Valentine’s Day, I wanted to let you know how awesome I think you are. As I get older and wiser, I like to think I make better choices and much like a successful partnership, I try to choose brands whose values and actions align with my own beliefs and values. I’m certainly not alone in this way of thinking, with more and more consumers are choosing products based on a company’s values and actions.

I am lucky enough to live in the best city on earth, part of its charm being the incredible mountains and forests we have in our backyard. Like many Canadians, I enjoy spending time outdoors, I’m impressed by brands who do their bit to champion environmentalism and give something back to protect our planet. I love your brand promise to plant 10 trees for every item of clothing purchased, meaningful actions go a long way these days. Thank you for being awesome!