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TTG Canada Appoints New Director At TORQUE Strategies

TTG Canada and its subsidiary TORQUE Strategies announced today the appointment of veteran brand and marketing executive, Aubrey Lovery, as Director of Growth and Strategy, adding to a year of exceptional growth.


TTG Canada and its subsidiary TORQUE Strategies today announced it will be expanding operations beyond its current footprint in Toronto and Vancouver, opening the doors in Calgary, Alberta on April 3, 2017.

Do Father’s Day Campaigns Actually Impact Purchase Decisions?

Our TORQUE Strategies Dads discuss whether Father’s Day marketing actually impacts their purchasing decisions.

Lordy, Lordy – Rumour Has it They Are Tweaking Rule 40

Bill Cooper, Visionary & Innovator It has not been ratified by vote yet, but late last month the IOC declared its intention to significantly alter two rules in the Olympic Charter that have been the catalyst for significant angst over the years, Rule 40 & Rule 50. Rule 40 prevents athletes who are competing in…

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PANEL: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The team at TORQUE Strategies and sister company TwentyTen Group were challenged this week to join the fight against ALS, and brave the icy waters of the social movement that has taken over our digital airwaves (see Andrea, Peter and Mitch take the plunge here). The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has set new standards for…

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Ambush Stinks

Bill Cooper, Visionary & Innovator Sure, I am biased, but it stinks. For about 20 years now, most of the work I have done has revolved around selling or securing the marketing rights of sponsorship properties. Given cards this perspective, I generally think ambush marketing is bad for those of us that service sponsors and/or…

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